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Technology and Engineering Systems Lifecycle Management Services

We provide system lifecycle management for the following types of systems:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Solutions

We provide management of end to end ERP system solutions. We also provide the same service in Best of Breed (BoB) enterprise management information system solutions.

Our ERP philosophy is that ERP systems and BoB solutions must be fit for purpose, aligned to the strategy of your organisation, easy to integrate, easy to use and provide a real return on your investment.

Transportation Systems

We provide stakeholder requirements analysis, system requirements analysis, system development , integration, testing, delivery and support for locomotive, rolling stock and road freight truck and trailer systems. Our clients can engage us throughout all the phases of the systems lifecycle.

We are committed to the success of our clients through the efficient, effective and competent management of all system lifecycle phases.

Your requirements and specifications management over your system life cycle is safe with us. We carry your burdens in configuration management and systems support.

Supply Chain System Optimisation

We optimise supply chain logistics through integration and alignment of supply chain partners.

We develop computerised supply chain systems for the improvement of the efficiency of supply chain logistics.

We provide holistic lowest total cost optimisation of supply chains including network design.

Your customers will benefit from your optimised lowest total cost supply chain through competitive pricing and quality logistics.

Reliability and Maintenance Engineering Management

We develop maintenance optimisation programs for maintenance departments in the transportation, manufacturing, mining and public sectors.

We develop and optimise maintenance policy for maintenance departments that is used to guide maintenance departments in the effective execution of maintenance functions.

We specify, develop and implement computerised maintenance management systems (CMMSs) for state of the art and best practice maintenance programs.

We structure maintenance departments to provide the optimal and most effective organisational structures for maintenance departments.

Our services will enable you to justify your maintenance budget in terms of the savings derived from your optimised maintenance programs, improved asset reliability and effective maintenance department structures. Your maintenance department budget should not be the first to be cut during hard times.

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