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African Hard Systems is a South African company incorporated in November 2016. We are an engineering and technology company comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, we are poised to take the African market to new heights in technology and engineering.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide specialised engineering and technology services to our clients in an ethical, cost effective and efficient manner. We are committed to corporate citizenship."

African Hard Systems

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Our Services

Technology and Engineering Systems Lifecycle Management Services

We provide system lifecycle management for the following types of systems:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Solutions

We provide management of end to end ERP system solutions. We also provide the same service in Best of Breed (BoB) enterprise management information system solutions…

Transportation Systems

We provide stakeholder requirements analysis, system requirements analysis, system development , integration, testing, delivery and support for locomotive, rolling stock and road freight truck and trailer systems…

Supply Chain System Optimisation

We optimise supply chain logistics through integration and alignment of supply chain partners. We develop computerised supply chain systems for the improvement of the efficiency of supply chain logistics…

Reliability and Maintenance Engineering Management

We develop maintenance optimisation programs for maintenance departments in the transportation, manufacturing, mining and public sectors. We develop and optimise maintenance policy for…

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Johannesburg, South Africa
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